Understanding Natural Stone

The Natural Stone products we carry include granite, marble, and soapstone.

The cost of natural stone is calculated on the slab price, the difficulty of the installation, and the total amount needed for the job.

Here are the steps to follow when pricing natural stone:

1. Bring us your measurements on a drawing of your kitchen
(the more accurate the measurements, the more accurate the quote)

2a. Select your cabinets, if installing new cabinets
(You must have cabinets in place before granite can be fabricated)

2b. Select your natural stone for new or existing cabinets
(see right column for guideline to selection)

3. Select your sink
(or provide your own)

4. Receive a free estimate based on your information


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Selecting your natural stone

Our natural stone is priced using a numbering system, starting with 1 as the lowest. Not all "ones" are the same price, but within a price range. Your counters should be fabricated from the same "lot" or "batch" of natural stone to ensure consistent color and pattern.

We offer the following categories as a guideline:

$ Classics = Numbers 1 - 3
Stable, consistent patterns usually in stock or easily obtained. These slabs will be the least expensive.

All exotics are not created equal! Depending on the complexity of the pattern and the difficulty in obtaining the materials from the earth, exotics vary widely in colors, patterns, and pricing.

$$ Exotics = Numbers 4 - 6
Exotics that have some movement, depth and complexity of pattrn. These exotics are usually in stock or easily obtained. These slabs will be the least expensive of the exotics.

$$$ Exotics = Numbers 7 - 8
More complex patterns. These slabs may or may not be available. As inventory moves quickly, please contact us for availability.

$$$$ Exotics = Number 9 or higher
These slabs are difficult to get or unique. These slabs are ONLY listed on facebook and they typically move quickly.